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Eko Innovation Ltd is a consultancy company

It works in the following areas:

  • Integrated protected areas management
  • Development and management of projects financed by the EU and other donors
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Sustainable use of nature resources
  • Eco-tourism development

Eko Innovation Ltd, has worked in the area of biodiversity and landscape conservation, rural development and eco-tourism since 2001. During that period the company has successfully carried out more than 25 projects with focus on protected areas management.

Eko Innovation Ltd. works with highly qualified and experienced experts with various backgrounds, depending on the needs of each particular assignment. The company has proven its effectiveness in forming, coordinating and managing large teams of experts and on-site studies. It collaborates successfully with local communities and stakeholders and manages to achieve consensus and to mitigate contradicting interests regarding the management of protected areas.

Eko Innovation has rich experience with Protected areas projects funded by international donors. It is the first Bulgarian company to implement the international CMS (Country Management System) which uses GIS in management plan implementation. The company has participated in the preparation of business plans for Ecological sustainable enterprises (ESE) implemented on the territory of Bulgaria.

Since 2007 Eko innovation is working as a subcontractor of large foreign companies, participating in the development and implementation of EU funded infrastructural projects.

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