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Pirin National Park and Tisata reserve

Project Partners: Icom Consult–М Ltd.,DG Consult Ltd.,Konsultantska grupa za obshtestveni porychki Ltd.

The OPE funded Organization and Sustainable Manangement of Pirin National Park and Tisata reserve project commenced on November 7th, 2012 and will be implemented in the next 29 months.

During the implementation of the service the aim will be to achieve many of the measures envisaged in the park’s management plan, to implement habitat and species preservation and regeneration measures for Pirin National Park and Tisata reserve and as whole to facilitate the preservation of protected areas, to renew the existent infrastructure in accordance with the European standards and legislation.

Project Goals:

In its context the implementation of the service aims at ensuring expert and logistics support to the Pirin National Park Directorate during the administrative, technical and financial management process, for an optimum and effective EU fund accumulation as well as the successful implementation of the project activities. Strengthening of the Pirin National Park Directorate’s institutional capacity is expected to be achieved through daily assistance for improvement of the administrative activities during public procurement procedures.

Expected Results:     

  • Successful implementation of project activities within the schedule’s framework.
  • Best results for the input resources.
  • Pirin National Park Directorate’s improved capacity in management of EU funded projects.
  • Transparency and law adherence in all procedures.