Меню Затваряне

Strategic Program for Sustainable Forest Management

Date: 27.03.2012 – Two (2) months.

Contractor: Eco-Innovation Ltd.

In the operational area of the project the forests are main recourse. Same time the lack of business connections and information is appearing to be the main difficulty for development of sustainable management of the forests and stable socio-economic situation of the region. The specific project objectives related to this contract is to develop a common strategic program for forest sustainable management in the region and to promote new development of possibilities using forest resources in order to comply with the new specification required by the international wood market.

Overall objective:

  • To introduce the idea of cooperation as a fundamental point in the economic development process (local authorities, business companies and citizens) and in the natural resources preservation process.
  • To develop a common strategic program for forests sustainable management
  • To create a communication network and a quick answer in case of natural disasters
  • To increase enterprises and citizens sensibilization towards sustainable development and nature’s preservation
  • To increase local population’s wellbeing by decreasing unemployment through the creation of new job places, the promotion of new development possibilities using forests resources in a certified chain of custody, in order to comply with new specifications required by the international wood market.

Planned results:

  • 10-year strategic program for sustainable forest management in accordance with the aims and objectives of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development of Forestry Sector in Bulgaria, 2006-2015 and Action Plan of the European Forestry Commission (EU Forest Action Plan) since 2006.
  • Mid-term Action Plan;
  • Provided public information, consultations (seminars, workshops) and operational mechanism for engaging the public about the program;
  • Communication strategy to raise awareness in the project area and their surroundings;